Wednesday, October 31, 2007


A Minor Deviation

Hey everybody, I have some minor news concerning yours truly. I've started up this new movie blog where I basically just pick out some random movies and go off on a tangent about them. I used to write some movie reviews for friends and family, and I'm kind of trying to get back into it, because I'm a huge film fan and I've always found it fun to wax on about my favorite movies, or complain about bad ones.

Unfortunately, I'll be focusing most of my energy on this, at least for the time being, which means Stankeye will probably continue its long tradition of being periodically neglected. I'll still come on here and post once in a while, like when the Giants make a big move, so check back from time to time, because I know you all want to hear my opinion (errrrrr...).

Anyway, if you've been a regular reader of this blog and you like my stuff, hopefully you'll come on over and check out my movie site. You can find it right here. Visit, bookmark it, RSS it. I have a bunch of Halloween stuff up there now. There'll be lots of movie talk and lots of pictures of Monica Bellucci, for you guys out there. Hope to see ya there!

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