Monday, February 13, 2012


Stankeye and Beyond

Ok, so many of you (or at least, the few of you borderline groupies who still check back here on occasion) have noticed there hasn't been much activity here on the ol' Stankeye for a while now. Sadly, the era of Give 'em Some Stankeye is at an end. Various commitments and a general lack of time and, honestly, interest have pretty much led me to stop posting material here. With so much great Giants coverage (Bay City Ball, El Lefty Malo, and McCovey Chronicles are just a few of my faves) around the 'net, it's easy to get drowned out when you can't really post with any consistency. And consistent posting is, as many of my readers know full well, not my forte.

However, with this end come some new beginnings. For those not in the know, I've recently started writing for Fake Teams, a fantasy baseball blog that is part of SB Nation. I was graciously invited to join that website's team of talented writers back in November, and I've been posting articles a few times a week. I'll be devoting a lot of my time to that site, so check out some of my work there, especially if you're a fantasy baseball fan.

Second, I'll be starting up a new website in the next few weeks that is focused more just on my general ramblings. I'll be generally posting music and movie stuff on there, but there will still be some Giants stuff, so check it out. More details to come when I get that site all ready to go.

Thirdly, come follow me on Twitter if you want to know what time I brush my teeth each day and what I eat for dinner on Tuesday nights. Just kidding. I'll only tell you what I eat for dinner on Thursday. Hint: Armloads of Jimboys and a ton of Pepto Bismol. Seriously, though, give me a look @PaulieRice or just go here.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has read over the years and dropped comments, even the ones that insulted my dog. Thanks especially to the amazing bloggers who populate the Giants blogosphere, many of whom have linked to this site for several years and have helped drive up some of my traffic. It's been fun.

Go Giants!

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