Monday, June 29, 2009


Now That...That Was Sweet

I think if I were a Cardinal fan, the moment in tonight's game where I would have thrown down my bowl of potato chips in a sea of expletives was right when Juan Uribe blasted one into Big Mac Land. You know it's time to check out what's on the History Channel when the guy with the 80 career OPS+ is hitting tape measure shots to widen an already sizeable deficit. Oh, and Tim Lincecum is on the mound, too. Yeah, God vs Satan is looking pretty good right about now.

Credit Uribe for that jaw-dropping bomb and also for a couple of sparkling defensive plays. Against all odds, Uribe has made himself a useful player so far, hitting enough to support his stellar glove. This talk of him being the regular second baseman from now on, though...there's gotta be somebody out there who the team can make a cheap trade for.

Tim Lincecum. What can you say? Not only is he making the Bruce Jenkins of the world misty-eyed by tossing complete games in seemingly every outing now, he's doing it by throwing less than 100 pitches per outing. It's a far cry from the grueling 138-pitch shutout that so enraged the pitch count mob.

Lincecum now is, dare I say it, pitching even more brilliantly than last season. His walk rate is way down, he's throwing less pitches, and yet his strikeout rate is actually up! That's just plain scary. The commentators on the MLB Network (which I swear is God's gift to me, for some reason) were talking about how hitters just can't pick up the ball at all when it leaves Lincecum's hand, because of his unorthodox delivery. That's challenging enough, but couple that with the fact that he's throwing 96 with filthy offspeed stuff and...well, I'm glad I'm not up there trying to hit that.

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