Monday, February 07, 2005


Greetings and Salutations

Hey there, fellow fans. I'm happy to introduce Give 'em Some Stankeye!, a blog devoted mostly to the San Francisco Giants, but also to all of baseball, some basketball, politics, and random ravings about music, movies, and video games. Frankly, with work and school contributing to a hellish schedule, I have no idea how the hell I'm going to be able to keep this blog consistently up to date. Ii's not necessarily a problem in the off-season, since the big news is usually stretched out for days or weeks at a time and usually only focuses on the hideous sums of cash being shelled out to guys like Eric Milton or Kris Benson or the latest player that Jose Canseco accused of injecting steroids into his ass. Once the season starts though, I'll be like an inept jockey fumbling to stay strapped to the horse's back while the other little bastards kick dust in my face. It'll be a struggle to keep the pace, but I'm a gamer like Eckstein. I may be mediocre, but I give it my all.

Some of you might be wondering what Stankeye means. Well, if you are you certainly aren't a Giants fan, and are so ignorant in the ways of the great ones that I don't even want to talk to you, but I guess I'll just go ahead and enlighten you as to the meaning of the term and the purpose of naming this page after it anyway. Stankeye is a Mike Krukow-ism for when a batter gets buzzed by a high and tight fastball and glares at the pitcher with a "do that again and I'll plant my maple stick in your noggin" look. Krukow calls it stankeye, and I figured it's an appropriate name for an opinionated fan page because I will probably give everybody who underperforms or just plain sucks, on any team, including the Giants, the written equivalent to stankeye. Some will get it occasionally, some will get it every day (cough Mike Matheny cough). Some may get it as they sleep at night, when I drive to their house after a game and peer in their windows...uh, never mind. So it's a blog rife with stankeye, and you can bet I'll break out many more Krukisms along the way (vis a vis "Help me, Jesus fastball" or "Rear back, fill your pants and throw").

Anyway, my first actual post (not counting this contrived and laughably overlong intro) will be along sometime this coming week, where I'll focus on two moves which Brian Sabean has made this offseason that, in my opinion, are absolutely horrendous. Yeah, I like to start off a new blog all pessimistic like that.

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