Thursday, February 10, 2005


It Ain't Vengeance...

Stepping away from baseball for a sec, if you haven't played the recentely released Punisher game, for the love of Iehovah, do it! You hear all kinds of praise for Halo 2 or GTA: San Andreas, but this game might be just as good or better. It's a third-person shooter that lives up to everything that the pitch-black comic book represented. You have an almost endless armory, from gigantic machine guns that you can dual wield to a flamethrower that you can make bad guy flambe with. You can use guys as human shields and interrogate the bad guys in some of the most horrifying ways imaginable, like plunging some poor sap's face into a tank full of pirahnas or running a guy over with a forklift. You also have to fight that big russian bastard from the movie not once, but twice. The game sates my unending blood lust in ways I never could have imagined. And the best part is, you only go around eradicating vile, bottom-dwelling scumbags, so it's wholesome in that regard. Killing innocents means an immediate end to your game and everything you've saved up to that point. Even if you never picked up one of the comic books, you should love this game, and no, I'm not being paid by THQ to plug it. It just seems that way.

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