Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Just Give Him the Damn Money!!

The Twins continue to jerk around star pitcher and 2004 Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana in arbitration, this time offering him 10 million a year for four years. This certainly isn't as absurd as the 19.5 mil over three years the Twins lobbed him earlier, but if a 41-year-old Roger Clemens is going to get $18 million as a one-year rental and Pedro Martinez is getting 52 mil over four years, you figure that Santana, who is only 25 and should be the dominate pitcher for the next decade, should be receiving something at least in that ballpark.

Memo to Twins: Pay the guy!! He was the best freaking pitcher in the majors last season and projects to be nothing less than completely dominant for the next ten years or so. What about this suggests he shouldn't get what he demands? This isn't Sophie's Choice here, Mr. Ryan. The longer the Twins dick around and don't come to an agreement with Santana, the greater the chances get of Santana becoming alienated and leaving in a Bonds/Pittsburgh-esque fiasco like in 1992. And we all know of the Kevin Polcovich/Todd Ritchie-littered wasteland Pittsburgh became after that.

Dude, no pitcher is ever dominant for 10 yrs.

Anonymous ain't never heared of Roger Clemmons, I guess, not to mention Greg Maddox and Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson and plenty wonder Anonymous wants to be anonymous......Dude
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