Monday, February 21, 2005


Random Bits of Stankeye

Here are some loose bits of thought from the weekend:

-While this plug may or may not have been influenced by this comment here, I want to direct your attention to a new website called Mays Field, which is an online campaign to change the name of the Giants’ home ball field from the depressingly corporate SBC Park to a much more fan-friendly Mays Field. It’s certainly a noble cause, and one I urge everyone to join. While I doubt the Giants are eager to give up the cash SBC forks over for naming rights, every movement has to start somewhere, most often at the very bottom, before it gets steam rolling and gathers more and more momentum as it rolls along, and more people join the cause. Just think of the rich history that will be conveyed if they successfully lobby to get the stadium renamed. Mays Field. McCovey Cove. The greatest Giants immortalized on the diamond, sort of an amalgamation of the past and the present like Yankee Stadium has. All I’d want after that is to name the right-center field gap Doug Miribelli Triple’s Alley. Maybe the big glove in left could be called the Marvin Benard Memorial Iron Glove. The possibilities are endless. But in all seriousness, I can’t encourage you enough to check it out and continue to spread the word throughout Giants fandom.

-John Sickels released his Giants minor league report card on his blog, something that Giants fans have been drooling in anticipation for for a while now. It's more optimistic than the general doomsday impression of the Giants' farm system fans hold, but it's hardly a ringing endorsement either. Also, Todd Linden continues to follow the vaunted Steve Hosey/Dante Powell career path.

-I was working all day yesterday, so I missed all of the NBA All-Star Game. Basically, I saw some highlights of Allen Iverson winning the MVP and sucking up to Shaq, and also shots of P Diddy talking on this insanely large Shaq shoe-phone. If anybody wants to clue me in on exactly what was going on there, I’d be much obliged. Oh, and Vince Carter broke out what would have been a sick off-the-backboard-pass-to-himself-then-dunk move, if Tracy McGrady hadn’t already busted it out two years ago. And everybody hates Vince Carter now anyway, so he’d basically have to raise the dead to impress us anymore.

-Also, as I was sifting through the scattered magazines and newpapers in the break room at my work, I stumbled across an absolutely awful article in this month's Source Magazine about Ron Artest. The story was all about how Artest is a misunderstood soul and it basically played him out to be the victim in the Detroit/Indiana crowd fiasco in November. The article also alleged that race played more of a part in the brawl than anything else. Un-freaking-believable. I don't read the Source regularly, thank goodness, but if this is the kind of brainless tripe they throw in every column I'd say it's more evidence that journalism (heck, even trash journalism) has taken a noticeable step backwards. The National Enquirer story about the Olsen Twins' alleged drug problem had more credibility than this.

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