Thursday, February 24, 2005


Random Bits of Stankeye

I was going to continue with my Giants pitching preview, but all I have time for are some more quips about stuff in the news lately:

-Here's a transcript of the whole Bonds press conference on Tuesday. It wasn't the friendliest of exchanges, as I'm sure you've heard by now. But anybody surprised by this is an idiot, plain and simple. What do you expect Bonds to do when hammered with the same questions over and over again? This time the reporters' dumb inquiries were garbed in sheep's clothing due to a restriction against using the term "BALCO", but they were the same things they've been asking Bonds for the past year, and, as is his calling card with the media, Bonds responded by dishing out some surliness. It's just the same cycle, completed yet again: Media members ask Bonds silly steroid question, Bonds gets mad and calls them liars, media's hatred of Bonds continues to fester and they write more nasty things about him.

The funniest thing in my opinion was Bonds' remark about being better than Canseco ten years ago, and being better than him now. It wouldn't hold up in the court of public opinion or anything, but there's a glint of truth there.

-They're allegedly going to remake one of my favorite movies, The Hitcher. The original was basically a love it or hate it kind of thing, but it was very, very creepy in an understated way. So who's slated to direct this remake? Michael Bay. I think I'm going to throw up. So much for understatement.

-In the NBA, the Warriors inexplicably made a great deal by trading for Baron Davis. They gave up Speedy Claxton and Dale Davis' expiring contract to get him, so they essentially got an All-Star point guard for a sack of magic beans. Davis has been shooting horribly this year, but his track record speaks for itself and he's quite an improvement over Claxton. Of course, the Warriors are still going to be horrible and all, but this will at least give some hope for next season. The move also sort of makes up for the awful, awful contracts given to Derek Fisher and Adonal Foyle. Here's hoping the Davis trade signals the end of stupid moves made by Chris Mullin. Wait, he also traded for Nikoloz Tskitishvili today. Damn, guess I spoke too soon.

Looking forward to your Giants' pitching prospectus...but don't forget to mention their number one hidden weapon: Mr. Matheny...he'll have them hitting the corners..and you won't see any passed balls!
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