Wednesday, March 30, 2005



I actually had a nice long post all written out yesterday, then it got erased and I was too lazy to rewrite the whole thing.

Basically, I talked about the two main causes of my two-week hibernation period, in which nothing, and I mean nothing was posted on here. The culprits? Baseball Prospectus 2005 and MVP Baseball 2005.

If you haven't grabbed the new BP book, you're missing out, because it's still the best baseball analysis in the land, with a little more bitchiness than usual and a little less tearing into the scouting profession (at least until the Top 50 Prospects, when they really let it rip). Best of all though, are the incredibly obscure references they throw in from time to time, like calling the six-fingered Antonio Alfonseca the "bane of Inigo Montoya." If there's anybody who's all about one-percenter gags and random obscure allusions, it's yours truly.

As for MVP Baseball, the batting mini-game that they feature is my latest drug of choice. You have to hit the ball where the computer tells you to, with bonus points for distance and hitting lawnmowers, cars, and buses that inexplicably find themselves on the playing field. This, along with the Great Ones doing the broadcasting once again, makes for a top notch baseball game.

With that said, I probably won't be back until next week, when I'll prattle off my pre-season predictions. Who's the MVP? I can't say, but I will reveal that his last name rhymes with "Smellhorn."

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