Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Ripping Matheny on the Waterfront

The Giants blog On The Waterfront has a nice piece about the myth of catchers and their magical powers here. Everything he writes about Matheny on this post I completely agree with. I dread the thought of the daily ravings about how Matheny has, via some psychic power or magic juju, the ability to make pitchers better or call a game better. I'm sure Matheny is a good defensive catcher and he can call a game with the best of them, but the John Coffey impersonations behind the plate hardly make up for his Neifi-esque failings as a major league hitter. Just remember that when Tim McCarver is gushing about the intangibles Matheny brings to the clubhouse while conveniently ignoring his .200 batting average.

When Tim McCarver speaks, everyone...hits the "mute" button on their remote. Or, they should, at least.
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