Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Don't Forget to Put on Your Rubber Match

Well, I was wrong in predicting last night's game to be a slugfest, as it turned into a pitching duel between two slop-throwing lefties.

Today is Tomko v. Webb. Webb has some really nasty stuff and always scares me, and he's been pitching pretty well this season. Tomko dominated the Pirates' piddling offense, but against a pretty good Dback lineup, in a bandbox ballpark, he might be hard pressed to continue his recent solid pitching.

I'd love to see Lance Neikro get some more at-bats, but I fear his recent success is attributable to small sample size and the fact that major league pitchers haven't seen much of him. Once they realize he has a Feliz-esque distaste for taking pitches, things might not be so rosy.

And please, Felipe, let's keep Ellison in there and stick Grissom to the pine until Ellison cools off. His youthful exuberance is a nice contrast to the rest of the old fusspots in the lineup.

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