Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Clark's awards

Clark Lay’s awards 2005
AL MVP – Alex Rodriguez
Comments: He was quite simply the best hitter in the best lineup in the AL if not the MLB, and he will probably win the Gold Glove ™ to boot.

AL Cy Young – Johan Santana
Comments: He didn’t have the wins that a lot of voters like, but to make a case for anyone else here is just silly. He was the most dominant pitcher posting the leading number of strikeouts and he finished second in the ERA race.

AL ROY – Scott Kazmir
Comments: This pick will go a long way to backing up anyone’s feelings that Felix Hernandez and Matt Cain can be successful next year. Kazmir at age 21 put up the kind of season that no other 21 year old has since Rick Ankiel. Hopefully he won’t implode the way Ankiel did.

NL MVP – Derek Lee
Comments: It was an absolute toss up between him and Pujols for this one, and the final OPS numbers and the fact that Lee put up impressively similar numbers, compared to Pujols, despite the fact that he had no one in front of him in the lineup was very impressive.

NL Cy Young – Roger Clemens
Comments: Gotta concede it here although there are about 5 pitchers who could concievably win this award. He had one of the great seasons of all time playing half his games in a known hitters park. I really can’t say anything else about him that hasn’t already been said.

NL ROY – Ryan Howard
Comments: When your superstar 1B goes down and you can plug a guy in like this who can hit for an OPS of 900 that is quite a luxury. I also selected Howard because the NL crop of rookies was relatively thin.

Wow, I totally agree with all these awards. It's amazing that some idiots actually think that Willy Taveras was the top rookie, even though he was one of the most unproductive hitters in the league at the top of Houston's lineup. Even if Howard did only play half the year, how do you argue with 22 homers and a .924 OPS in 321 at-bats?
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