Thursday, October 13, 2005


Ladies and Gentlemen, the New Face of Sunday Night!

October baseball accomplishes two things. 1) It provides fans with some of the most intense, bizarre, and memorable contests you'll ever see, and 2) It takes away any temptation I may have to sit down and watch FOX's Sunday night lineup.

It's bad enough that The Simpsons, which just a decade ago was only the most brilliant show in the history of American TV, has de-evolved into a labored, unwatchable mess. It's sad that Family Guy has ceased being utterly hilarious and instead seems way too focused on stretching the boundaries of good taste than, you know, being funny. It's also a downer that Seth McFarlane was allowed to make American Dad and put it out onto the airwaves. This show might have been amusing if it weren't essentially a bad version of Family Guy with a homosexual alien taking the place of an irreverant talking dog.

The most tragic element of the new lineup, though, is that Michael Rapaport was allowed to have his own show, and a comedy no less! This is a guy who hasn't had a good role since his T.J. Hooker-obsessed character made a wild dash from the middle of a wild gunfight in True Romance. If you haven't seen The War at Home, it just may be the worst thing on television, and yes, I am taking Live with Carson Daly into account. The show's premise involves a 30-something dad who is afraid of responsibility as his kids grow up and his wife constantly nags him. He'd rather just drink a beer than do some parenting, and hilarity is allegedly supposed to ensue. It doesn't.

Rapaport seemingly equates comedic acting with baffled facial expressions and manic arm gyrating. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to give this guy his own sitcom?!?!? Thankfully this trash won't be resurfacing until after the playoffs, but here's hoping for some Groundhog Day scenario where October keeps repeating itself just so Americans won't have to watch The War at Home ever again.

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