Monday, October 17, 2005


White Sux, No Longer

For the first time since 1959 and for only the third time since 1917 (!), Chicago's formerly forlorn South-Siders are going to the World Series. To make up for the lost years, there's been much rejoicing throughout the Sox community. Congratulations all around, though when Ozzie Guillen was embracing his coaching staff in the dugout after the final out, I couldn't help but feel a flashback to the teary-eyed moment when Dusty Baker clutched Dave Righetti and Ron Wotus after David Bell scored the pennant-winning run in 2002. Sigh...

The Sox baffled the Angels with some of the most dominant starting pitching in recent memory. The White Sox starters combined to throw all but 2/3 of the total innings in the series, a remarkable achievement in these days of high pitch counts. Amazingly, none of the Sox starters eclipsed 120 pitches in any of their victories. They stymied the Angels bats and held Big Bad Vlad to one hit in 20 at bats. The Angels helped out on their part by swinging at nearly everything, walking just 4 times all series. The Halos touted their ability to hit with men on all during the regular season, but they hit a meager .177 in those situations against the White Sox and showed why all the prowess in the world hitting with men on base doesn't mean a darn thing when you can't get anybody on base. The Sox hitters, led by Paul Konerko and Joe Crede, did more than enough in the three L.A. games to support their starters. All in all, it was just an amazing effort by Chicago's pitching staff.

In the World Series, you would think the Sox are a sentimental favorite because of their sordid playoff history, but not so fast. I 'd be willing to bet that no matter who the Sox end up facing, a majority of viewers will be rooting for the other team based solely on the fact that A.J. Pierzynski is a jack-off.

By the way, here's some proof that I'm not the only one who can't stand Tim McCarver.

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