Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Hardware Hijinks

I don’t really have to talk much about Bartolo Colon winning the Cy Young over Johan Santana, because the BBWAA’s stupidity pretty much speaks for itself. I will say this: it’s Game 7 of the ALCS and you’re facing the Yankees. Who would you rather have on the mound? It’s not Sophie’s Choice here, people.

At least the BBWAA got the Rookie of the Years right. Huston Street was basically a no-brainer in the AL, but I was convinced that surely the dingusses who vote on this thing would be seduced by Willy Taveras’s speed and give him the NL award over Ryan Howard. To my utter shock, common sense prevailed, and Howard won.

As for the NL Cy Young, I’d guess Chris Carpenter wins, even though Roger Clemens deserves it. Arod will probably get shafted in the AL MVP voting after being torn to shreds after his poor postseason. Derrek Lee should probably win the NL MVP, but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if Albert Pujols wins it; both are deserving of recognition. Sadly, I think Andruw Jones is going to win it because lots of people think he “carried his team on his back” right into the playoffs, or some crap like that.

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