Thursday, November 10, 2005


Some Hilarious Comments From The Neifi

Here are some choice quotes, picked solely for their sheer comic value, from Neifi Perez after his deal with the Cubs Tuesday, taken from the AP wire story.

"I did my job last year, and I was hoping to stay in Chicago. I'm so happy right now."

You damn well better be happy! You actually found a team retarded enough to give you guaranteed money, and two years of guaranteed money at that. And if by doing your job you mean helping rob Derrek Lee of an MVP award with your inability to get on base for him, then yes, you sure did a damn good job of that.

"I think I showed them that if they put me in, I can play everyday."

I...ah...gee...wha....Huh?!?!? I'm totally speechless. You showed them you can play everyday? With what? That shiny .681 OPS that just happens to be your best since 2001? Neifi, you showed last year that you weren't even qualified to apply jock itch cream to the batboy. Is this man so full of himself that he doesn't know how horrible he is?

And one from Jim Hendry...

"Obviously, Neifi had a terrific year. He's a way, way, way above average defender and I think an important part of the ballclub no matter what his role is."

All right, you've convinced me, let's give him 600 at-bats. Obviously Hendry can't figure out that Dusty Baker giving Neifi 572 at-bats (268 in the #2 hole...yuck!) is a major reason why the Cubs only finished 9th in the league in runs scored despite having Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez mashing in the middle of the order.

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