Wednesday, February 08, 2006


No Time To Write Anything Intelligent, So Here Are Some Hot Pics Of Jessica Alba

Pitchers and catchers report in two weeks. That's the only good news for today, other than the fact that Josh Fogg is still thankfully not a Giant. In the next few weeks, I'll preview the Giants' starting rotation just as I did last year, because as we all know I'm the world's renowned expert on the art of pitching. That's right, Will Carroll and his PhD have got nothing on me, a loser sitting at home in Sacramento hitting on girls under the Myspace profile "Colin Farrell".

Anyway, we all know Jessica Alba is, like, amazingly hot, but these pics of her cavorting on a beach in Hawaii are I found these on Aaron Gleeman's Twins website, and I must say, Mr. Gleeman, you're a true hero to all of us.

Anyway, more actual baseball stuff tomorrow. Until then, enjoy.

Pics of hot women are, and always will be, an acceptable substitute for baseball-related articles. I myself have done it on myriad occasions, and have yet to be rebuked.

Mmmm. H-h-h-hot women.
I think it's only a matter of time before this ceases to be a Giants blog and just becomes a porno site, but hey, would anybody complain?
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