Monday, February 13, 2006


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John Sickels released his grades for the Giants farm system on his Minor League Ball blog. No one expected a treasure trove of young studs, but Sickel's list is hardly the barren wasteland many thought it would be. Even Sickels himself says that the farm system is a lot better than he was expecting.

Unsurprisingly, Matt Cain is ranked #1. The #2 guy, second base prospect Marcus Sanders, is a guy I know precious little about, but it's good to see that the Giants have a young guy with potential ready to replace Durham when he leaves.

The guy I'm really excited about is Eddy Martinez-Esteve, who Sickels rates with a B+. EME has shown great all-around hitting ability in the minors, hitting for average and power and drawing a lot of walks. There's every reason to believe he'll turn into a great hitter down the road. Unfortunately, he's a rather large, immobile boy and his defense apparently channels memories of Glenallen Hill, so sadly he might not make it as anything other than a DH. When scouts are calling your fielding ability unsalvageable when you're 22 years old, maybe an Edgar Martinez-style career path is inevitable.

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