Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Valentine's Day Fun

Here's a baseball-related Valentine's Day Poem a poster named Pantsman wrote up on McCovey Chronicles last year. I guess I should be creative enough to come up with my own haikus, limericks, etc. but I'm just too lazy. Why waste precious brainpower when you can just ape from somebody else?

-Today, I'm announcing that Randy Winn has become the Official Stankeye Player of the Year, mostly since I'm sponsoring his player page on Baseball reference. No one expects him to continue the Mickey Mantle impressions but it'd be nice if he put up another great season to justify my sponsorship. If he hits like Neifi Perez, though, his page sponsor might mysteriously morph into "Jose's Live Octopii and Veal Eatery", not that I have any association with any such place.

-And for those of you without a sweetheart on this Valentine's Day, well, just be happy you aren't this guy.

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