Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Another Barry Bonds/Steroid Rant

Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams were on David Letterman last night, doing a fantastic job of making themselves out to be a couple of self-important pricks. I don't know what is going on inside the heads of those two, other than maybe dollar signs. Do they consider themselves do-gooders? Do they think they're Woodward and Bernstein? Please. I wonder if they fathom that pretty much every rational person thinks they're a couple of weasely assholes.

I want to go back to World Series Game 2, a bad game for the Giants, for sure, almost as bad as Game 6, but one that particularly sticks out because of one moment in the ninth inning. I'm sure all Giants fans will remember it. With the team down 11-9 with two outs in the top of the ninth inning, Bonds strolled up to the plate. Down one run in situations like this, teams would walk Bonds and take their chances with the next guy. But with a two-run cushion, the Angels were going to go ahead and pitch to Bonds, figuring that if he hits a home run, fine, better that than walking him so the next batter can tie it.

So Troy Percival went after him, and Bonds sent a fastball halfway up the bleachers at Angel Stadium. Just an absolute bomb, estimated at 485 feet. Folks, that's greatness. When an entire team's gameplan revolves around not letting one player beat them with home runs, and then when the situation dictates that you have to pitch to him, and everybody everywhere expects him to hit a home run, and he does, it's the mark of something special.

I ask you, does all the HGH, THG, cow testosterone, or magic butt juju in the world turn a guy into this? Do PEDs really turn a guy into a superstud, especially when that guy was a superstud already? I have my doubts. Bonds' postseason that year was littered with moments like these, from his blast off of Kevin Milwood to his three-run jack off Chuck Finley, to his monster home run off of K-Rod in Game 6.

Now, if steroids do this to you why does Alex Sanchez still suck so bad? Why can't Michael Morse hit the ball out of the infield? Sometimes people have a hard time believing that a player might truly be that good, so they latch onto something and don't let go until he's brought down.

Bonds is the best. Live with it.

Random Stankeye Political Rant

Not to go on a tirade about the military-industrial complex, but shoud we really have been surprised?

Random Gary Gilette Rant

Gary Gilette of ESPN Insider said in his latest chat he thinks that Matt Cain will be the Rookie of the Year and will be a borderline Cy Young candidate. Gilette is one of the better analysts anywhere, so needless to say he's head and shoulders above most of the crap they have at Insider (Neyer and Gammons excepted, of course). I have my doubts that Cain can be so good so fast, but it's nice to see a guy like Gilette hype him up a bit.

By the way I provided no link to the chat because you have to have Insider to read it, and it's only a little blurb anyway. And if you're tempted to get Insider anyway, don't be. It's a serious waste of money.

Random Bad TV Show Rant

Yes, this terrible show is still on the airwaves. What's the deal here? Is America this desperate for entertainment? Why are people watching this? Is Eva Longoria over at ABC suddenly not hot? I mean, War At Home is not even worth watching for her. I know how to flail my arms wildly and look baffled, does that mean I could get my own show like Michael Rapaport? The Simpsons and Family Guy are both pretty bad at this point, but they still look like genius compared to this garbage.

Hey, at least Fox got rid of Arrested Development. Oh wait, that sucks.
Well, we do have Free Ride. (crickets chirping)
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