Sunday, March 05, 2006


Fantasy Sleepers (Pitchers)

Hello all. I am a guest writer and I've written one or two posts here before. I am feeling froggy enough to jump back on the saddle today. Why you ask? Because it is almost baseball season and I want to impart my vast knowledge on the readers of this blog (read: I'm bored and I know nothing).

Ok so everyone is in the search for the next great unknown commodity for their fantasy team and I am no different. So, with my limited statistical analytical abilities I decided to throw some people into the old sabermetric box of goodies and see who comes out. Here are few pitchers which might be something of note in the future.

Starting Pitchers:

1) Daniel Cabrera-BAL: I know he is the sexy pick for breakout candidate and I must say the analysis I did allowed me to see it for my very own eyes.

2) Doug Davis-MIL: He had a quietly dominant season and was a reason that the Brewers' new found enthusiasm might equate to some more wins.

3) Chris Young-SD: This guy had a great rookie season in the 2nd best hitters park in the whole league and the best in the AL, and now he is moving into arguably the best pitchers park in the NL. It doesn't require a genius to figure out the answer to that equation.

4) Jae Seo-LAD: The Dodgers have themselves a good pitcher. Seo put up excellent numbers in the 14 starts he received. Good luck this year NYM while you are watching Tom Glavine throw his rapidly declining repertoire around.

5) Robinson Tejeda-PHI: I had barely heard of this guy until the stats popped his name up. He spit time between the pen and the rotation last year. He is 23 and being given a very good opportunity to win a starting spot with the Phillies this year. I just traded for him in one of my fantasy leagues and I hope he works out for me.

Relief Pitchers:

1) Brandon Medders-ARZ: Young guy that put up good numbers for the D-backs last year. Hell, he might even get a save or two.

2) Julio Santana-MIL: Who? I still have no idea who this guy is but I know that the Brewers bullpen last year was not a one man show with Derrick Turnbow turning in an excellent year.

3) Matt Wise-MIL: Another example of the lights out Brewers pen last year.

4) Mike Wuertz-CHC: Why would the Cubs go out and give 3 year, $11 million dollar deals to relievers when they have guys like this in house?

5) Aaron Heilman-NYM: Can someone explain to me why a pitcher like Kaz Ishii ( and Victor Zambrano ( are getting starts when they have younger players like Heilman ( playerId=5410) languishing in the pen. I say the Braves take the next 100 NL East titles when you have organizations in the same league that stifle pitchers this way or trade for players who won't change positions and can't hit outside of the confines of their hitter friendly home park (

My name is Clark Lay and if I am right I will gloat and tell everyone that I am the smartest person ever. If I am wrong then I will disavow any knowledge of this blog ;p. Thanks for reading my silly opinions about baseball players and I encourage all of you to follow these players. Adieu.

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