Friday, March 17, 2006


Stankeye Quote of the Week 3/17

Here's a two-fer for you today.

"The mainstream press called him an 'insurance policy' for McPherson in the wake of the deal, but Alfonzo's the sort who makes insurance necessary, and on the hot corner depth chart, should rank behind McPherson, Figgins, Robb Quinlan, utilityman Maicer Izturis, and maybe even hitting coach Mickey Hatcher."
-Baseball Prospectus on Edgardo Alfonzo. Cold, just cold.

"I mean, it's not my fault you got off to a bad start. You suck -it's not my fault. I wasn't off to a great start, either, but I wasn't blaming him for me not getting any hits."
-A.J. Pierzynski on his feud with Brett Tomko in 2004.

There's a new article about Pierzynski on ESPN where this quote is taken from. The article basically repeats the old tired story about how Pierzynski is misunderstood, about how you love him if he's on your team, how he was a catalyst on the Sox after being labeled a cancer on the Giants. However, it also sheds some insight into the Giants' clubhouse and Felipe Alou's rapport, or lack thereof, with the players. A.J. may have been a goof, but perhaps the Giants' chemistry problems went far beyond him.

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