Wednesday, April 19, 2006


No Stirring Comeback This Time

Not much to say about last night's game. Russ Ortiz was knocked out of the box early, but not because of ineffectiveness, but due to a strained calf. He still managed to walk three guys in two and a third innings, so it was probably only a matter of time before the floodgates burst open. I wouldn't be surprised if someone in the stands had shot him in the leg with a BB just to get him the hell out of there before he could cause any more trouble.

Once again, the Giants got a lead but quickly coughed it up. I didn't see any of the early parts of the game, so I don't know if Morris was getting tatooed or duckfarted around the diamond. Uusally when you give up seven runs, though, they ain't duckfarts.

Tonight, the Dbacks throw Brandon Webb out to the mound. Webb is a guy who always worries me. He has maybe the heaviest sinker in the league and is just impossible to take yard, so you're basically forced to single him to death. He doesn't walk too many players anymore, either, so he's not beating himself like he did in 2004. His Baseball Reference sponsor calls him "one of the best kept secrets in baseball." I'd have to agree. He's a filthy man out there on the mound.

Matt Cain goes for the Giants tonight, and I worry about his fly ball tendencies in the Chase*. He's done well enough in his first two starts, and his stuff has looked nasty, but he's been prone to the mistake pitch, which could be killer in the thin desert air. If the Giants can get past Webb tonight, they go against a scrubeenee in Claudio Vargas tomorrow with a good chance to win three of four. But I guess we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. I did expect a Giants win last night against Ortiz, so nothing comes easy.

*Seriously, Chase Field? I know Bank One Ballpark was one of those hideous corporate names, but at least The BOB had a little ring to it. Chase Field is a little more fan friendly I guess, but there's none of that sense that you're going to the park to visit that jovial uncle. It's going to take some time to get used to this.

-And as if you weren't sick enough of my own shameless plugging of my work for my school paper, here's another piece I did on the baseball team's top starting pitcher, who I oddly haven't even seen pitch yet. It's another puff piece, of course, so I couldn't point out that this guy's K/BB ratio is nearly 1:1 and thus he's due for a letdown. Gotta keep those sources friendly, don'tcha know?

-Just for the hell of it, I did a Google image search for "give em some stankeye", and the results were bizarre but not totally unexpected. If you type in those words you get Christopher Walken looking haggard in The Prophecy, and Sideshow Bob ("No, that's german for 'The Bart, the'."). I'd expect Monica Belucci or Hans Moleman to pop up, but what are you going to do?

It's getting to the point where I can't even keep up with the names of the ballparks. I vote to name the stadiums after the teams. It's not like naming it Chase is going to make me get an account there. I'm not going to buy Great American insurance, Cellular One phones, or whatever Commerica sells just because they named a stadium after the companies. As for the corporate nightmare going on with the most beautiful park in baseball, I'm for Mays Field or Pacific Park or something that does it justice.
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