Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Not Supposed To Start This Way

Not the best way to start the season, but hey, getting shut down by perhaps the best pitcher in the National League isn't entirely unexpected. The Giants got a run on a double by Barry Bonds and a single by Lance Neikro, but Jake Peavy took out the rest of the lineup easily despite clearly not having his best stuff. Neikro's RBI came in what was a very impressive at bat, so maybe there's hope after all.

Jason Schmidt didn't look too bad. His velocity was still down and he had no control of his changeup, but all in all, he wasn't terrible. If he hadn't grooved a fastball to Khalil Greene his night would have looked pretty good. And the Padres absolutely own Schmidt for some reason, so I'll reserve judgement until his next few starts. Still, I don't think 2003 Schmitty is coming back anytime soon.

The Giants look to bounce back against Shawn Estes tonight, and yes, I'm as amazed as you are that Shawn Estes is the Padres' #2 starter.

If my sources are correct, this is the Giants' first Opening Day loss since 2000, when they fell to Alex Fernandez and the Marlins. What did the Giants do that year? They got off to a horrible start and rallied to finish the year with 97 wins before being downed by a fat Hawaiian guy and a crap-throwing veteran in the playoffs. And at least the Giants fared a little better on Opening Day than the A's did, sheesh.

As for the classless Padre fan who threw a syringe at Bonds, as Mike Krukow would say, "that's BUSH!"

Just to help wash away the disappointment of last night:

Just can't resist.

Go Giants!

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