Thursday, April 13, 2006


Sunny Day

Thank you, Sun, for letting us get some baseball in. The Giants won the opener of today's double-header 5-3, with Matt Morris once again having a strong outing in which he baffled Astro hitters for seven innings while at the same time doing a snappy impression of George Clooney in Syriana. I heard the game on the radio, and it sounded like Morris was using his curve more and more as the game went into the late innings, obviously to great effect. He was left in the game a bit too long, but with the double-header and the way the bullpen's been going, who came blame Alou for trying to get all he could out of Morris?

Barry Bonds hit two warning track shots, one of which would have been out in just about any other ballpark. He did rope a long single off the right field wall in the seventh inning, and it looks like his swing is starting to come around. I have to add, that even with his struggles at the plate, Bonds's OBP is .500, so he's still contributing just by standing in the batters box scaring the crap out of pitchers.

Ray Durham had two hits in the game, so hopefully he's breaking out of his little slide. Omar Vizquel continues to hit well, Moises Alou has been the Giants' best hitter so far, and Mike Matheny continues to be unequivocally horrible. At least we don't have to witness his hapless flailing in the nightcap. Speaking of which...

Here's the lineup for the second game:

RF Winn
CF Finley
2B Durham
LF Sweeney
3B Feliz
C Greene
1B Neikro
SS Vizcaino
P Cain

No Bonds, unsurprisingly, but also no Vizquel or Alou. Feliz in the fifth hole with Sweeney and Vizcaino also in the lineup against Roy Oswalt? This could be a looooong night. At least Felipe had the foresight to put in the catcher who can hit.

'Round Baseball

You have no idea how disappointed I am the the Giants will not face Brett Tomko this weekend in LA with a chance to pummel his sorry ass all over Chavez Ravine. If I were to revise my Stankeye Top 10 Most Hated List, Tomko would be right up there threatening to unseat Neifi. I just despise this guy. He' s barely been a Dodger for three months and already he's talking crap like he's Curt Schilling or something. Brett, until you can go two starts without blaming your awful pitching on your teammates, just shut up.

Oh, and the Dodgers are now 5-5 and couldn't even win a series against the freaking Pirates, so that whole franchise can pretty much kiss the fattest part of my ass.

Apparently Dick Cheney was booed loudly when he threw out the ceremonial first pitch of the Nationals' home opener the other day. I guess there's hope for this country yet.

And is it too much to ask for the Giants to replace Lou Seal with something like this:

Just asking.

No hope for the country, the DC area is overwhelmingly Democrat.

Booing Cheney was the best part of that game! Even the gops were oddly silent instead of clapping.
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