Saturday, April 15, 2006


"That's the Way To Set Attendance Records. Start Suitin' Up the Dead Guys."

Hilarious line by Krukow. I also love how "Eliminate Me" is now an officially sponsored part of the FSN broadcast.

I had this icky feeling all night that the Giants were going to find a way to blow last night's game, even when they took the lead in the ninth. Close game, Jamey Wright on the mound? Ummmm... To his credit, Wright dealt for eight innings. His breaking pitches had good life and he made only one mistake all night, that 0-2 meat fastball to Kent. Maybe I was wrong about Wright. Maybe he does have something in him after all. Frankly, I would have trotted him out there for the ninth inning last night the way he was going.

You've gotta love games that go into the wee hours of the night. There's nothing like kicking back with all the lights out and watching the Giants win as the eyelids get heavy. Official Stankeye Player of the Year, Randy Winn smoked his first home run of the season, and it was the freaking Dodgers, so a great win. Two more, please.

The botched rally in the seventh inning featured one of the most blatant examples of managerial idiocy that you'll ever see. With runners on first and second for the Giants and nobody out, Ray Durham went up inexplicably trying to bunt and struck out. Krukow was saying that Durham might have been bunting on his own, but whatever the case, this was inexcusable. Durham is one of the team's best hitters, you don't make him purposely give himself up in that situation. The equation is simple: Durham=good, Neikro (on deck)=not so good. You let your good hitters decide games for you. As it was, it turned into a totally wasted out. Thankfully, the Giants won, but this is a great way to lose future tight games.

As for Ricky Ledee, what the hell is with this guy? He exists simply to abuse the Giants. Even when the Giants pitch him well, he somehow turns a horrible jam shot swing into a double. He's had infinitely better production as a Dodger against the Giants than he did in his horrid two months with the orange and black. Hate him. Just hate him.

No, we won't have the opportunity (yet) to see the Giants kick Brett Tomko's ass, but I did have a great laugh at this.

And I just thought I'd add that Pedro Feliz is still an unmitigated mess at the plate. I never thought I'd advocate Jose Vizcaino as a starting third baseman, but any more of these first pitch pop outs and I'm going to start a movement.

-If there's a random one-percenter reference that I'm not beating into the ground, I feel that I'm not doing my job. When news came recently that he won a lawsuit against some schoolmates, the strange plight of Star Wars Kid suddenly came back to my consciousness. This whole phenomenon was huge in the summer of 2003, and I've rarely laughed harder than I did when I first saw the video of that kid waving at imaginary storm troopers with sweaty fervor. Since irritating my reading audience with stupid references like this is my specialty, expect many, many more mentions of SWK on Stankeye, right up there with Hans Moleman and Boss Hogg.

Dammit Paul, errrrrr John, we need some more posts. The team is 7-4. All I have to say is thank god we're in the NL West. We can't freaking hit! On the bright side, Hennessey and Wright look like they might actually give us something this year. Living in San Diego is so depressing by the way. We're just out of range of the LA and SF stations, and listening to the Padres' radio broadcast often has me dreaming of veering my car into the Pacific Ocean. God, they suck.
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