Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Stuff That Has Nothing To Do With The Giants...

First, in NBA news, the Sacramento Kings have apparently fired coach Rick Adelman. A few years back, I wrote a letter to the Sacramento Bee defending Adelman after the Kings fell in the playoffs (it wasn't printed, probably because I called one letter writer an idiot). A lot of people wanted his head, for no good reason.

This makes no damn sense, at least not in the basketball sense (as opposed to the business sense, as maybe the Maloofs are going cheapo). You'd be hard-pressed to name me ten active coaches who are undeniably better than Adelman. Popovich, Phil Jackson, Larry Brown...it gets pretty shaky after that. I'd like to know the reasoning behind this move, because I can't find a good one, especially after Ron Artest personally advocated Adelman yesterday.

Maybe it's one of those dry hump things like the Ken Macha debacle, where Adelman will just get a new contract. If not, good luck finding a decent replacement.

-OK, this does sorta have something to do with the Giants. For my school paper, we have an opinion column-type dealie on the sports page called On Second Thought, where three writers are given a topic to discuss. This week's topic is "What's the Craziest Post-Ejection Tantrum?", in honor of Delmon Young's antics a couple weeks back (speaking of which, he got what he deserved). My pick was the magical game in 1998 when Charlie Hayes was ejected in a game against the A's and tossed Dusty Baker over his back. Enjoy.

-And because I can't stop...

Fear Torgo

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