Thursday, October 05, 2006


Vote For Pedro!

From Rob Neyer's ESPN chat earlier this morning:

Omar (bay area): Would you agree that Pedro Feliz is a bum? Yeah, he accounted for 98 RBI's and over 20 HRs, but I can't remember when I last saw the guy swing with purpose in a clutch situation. Sad thing is, the Giants' state of affairs is probably going to force them to resign the terd.

Rob Neyer: I wouldn't use the word "bum" unless he was playing for my favorite team...but yes, Feliz is an awful player. Unless you run the numbers, you just have no idea how much damage a .281 on-base does to a team...and Feliz's career mark is .288. Oh, and he's 31.

Omar from the bay area? Hey, keep it in the locker room, buddy.

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