Monday, October 30, 2006


Where the hell do we go from here?

This is the guest speaker; aka Clark Lay:

I was perusing this site ( ) when I realized that the Giants opening day payroll, if the season were to start right now, stands somewhere between 31 and 32 million. Just to put that number into perspective the lovable cats in Black and Orange had a payroll of 90 million-ish at the start of last year. Now, assuming McGowan allows Sabean to spend around the same amount of money he did on the team last year... and the million errr 60 million dollar question... How will the Giants spend that money? And maybe an even better question is how should the Giants spend that money?

Uh oh yeah I wouldn't look at that website too hard considering we are still on the hook to Morris for 9.5 mil and Benitez for 7.6 mil... gulp... Uh? Go Giants?

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