Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Return To Stankeye

Hey, everybody, it's me, Paul Rice, or the Artist Formerly Known as John Ryder. Anyway, after a brief stint writing over at Giants Cove, I decided I just couldn't part with my old, beloved Stankeye blog, so I've come back to bring you regular insight and opinion from this very spot. Of course, anybody who has read my blog before knows to take the word "insight" with a grain of salt.

It'll probably take me a few weeks to reestablish my old links and get whatever readership I had coming back on a regular basis. A few things before we kick off a new era:

-Those who visited my site before know full well that consistency in posting is not my strong suit. I have a bit of a busy schedule and I'm prone to bouts of laziness and burnout. There have more than a few long stretches of nothingness on this blog. I can't promise it won't happen again, but I'll try my damndest to get stuff on here just about every day for those of you who do enjoy reading what I write.

-We're going to scrap the whole "John Ryder" pseudonym that lorded over "Stankeye" in its first two years. When I started this blog I was shy about using my real name, (and I liked using the name of a movie psycho) but now I guess it doesn't really matter. The name is Paul Rice, nice to meet ya.

-I've become way more proficient in the use of html since we last spoke, and Blogger's merger with Google has made it way easier to edit blogs, so we should be seeing some neat things along the way, including more pics and fun stuff in general.

Anyways, thanks for your continued reading and support. While I do want to encourage some debate and argument over the Giants and where the team is going, this is basically just a fun thing for me and shouldn't be taken seriously. I'm here to root on the Giants, make some jokes, get mad at Pedro Feliz, and link to the occasional pic of an insanely hot woman. Your input is always welcome so don't hesitate to throw me a comment or two.

So on that, let's have some fun, and don't forget to read my "comeback" post below about my trip to Socal.

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