Friday, September 28, 2007


Mission: Don't Lose 90

That should be the goal this weekend. Sweep the Dodgers, in their house (payback for last season's final series), and prevent a 90-loss season, which just seems to carry a sort of bad stigma forever and ever. An 89-loss year stinks, but somehow it doesn't look so bad when you flip open the Baseball Encyclopedia twenty years from now and reminisce (ha, yeah right) upon 2007.

I'd love to watch the games this weekend, but the they aren't being televised either today or tomorrow and the Sunday game interferes directly with my football enjoyment. Giants-Dodgers, classic rivalry, yet not on TV. If both of these teams were in contention this season and we couldn't watch them play on FSN or anywhere else, I'd be pissed.

-Not much to yak about this week, as I've been busy with a new job and other assorted life things. Next week I'll cobble together my usual hilariously inaccurate playoff previews and do some Giants postmortems. Yeah, that means it's going to get ugly.

Here's the TGIF random video for you. It doesn't really need any introduction. Have a great weekend!

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