Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Oh No!

It's not every day that you wake up and find yourself allied with your worst enemy. I was perusing Google the other day when I came across, which is a neat little search engine. Now, if you do a search for "Pedro Feliz" (don't ask), you come to this page. Now scroll down to the part headlined "Pedro Feliz Fansites". I think you can probably guess where this is going.

That's right, there I am, in all my glory, classified as a Pedro Feliz fansite. This is just a dark, dark day. For three years, Feliz has been the scourge of my existence as a Giants fan. For three years, I've called him all manner of bad names and ranted about his bad hitting and his poor OBP, and yet somehow I now run a Pedro Feliz fansite!!!! It's like all my efforts to demean the man have all been for naught. I might as well just wear a badge that says "Paul Rice: Pedro Feliz Fan" on my chest, like my own personal scarlet letter.

Now well-meaning yet unenlightened Giants fans will stumble onto Stankeye expecting a Feliz lovefest. I guess they'll be in for a surprise when they discover that the most commonly referred-to nickname for Feliz here is "fuckass". Thanks a lot,

Apparently to twist the knife even more, Feliz wants to come back to the Giants on a multi-year deal. So can we look forward to several more years of Feliz rah-rah-ing from this loyal "fansite"? If so, just kill me now, in slow mo, a la "Stranglehold" (kickass game by the way).

I'd say that the Giants aren't stupid enough to actually give Feliz said multi-year contract, but the team has made so many dumb decisions in the last few years, I'd be willing to bet that it does happen. It's like the end of The Terminator, as thunder crackles in the distance and the dark clouds start to roll in, and some random gas station attendant puts down the SF Chronicle sports section and says ominously, "There's a storm coming." And I sit there in my jeep with my Feliz-sniffing dog and say, "Yeah, I know."

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