Friday, November 16, 2007


Friday Rumors and Indictments

So the big news is the Barry Bonds indictment. If you're looking for any kind of discussion on the subject, or breathless minute-by-minute coverage of the whole affair, then I'd suggest flipping to another site, because I don't particularly care and I'm going to try my best to ignore the media circus that is sure to ensue. It just reminds me of the line from Ken Kesey's brilliant Sometimes A Great Notion, about how a bunch of loggers would stop what they were doing and go gawk when a particularly gigantic tree was about to come down. Everybody is going to have an opinion on this because, dammit, people just like to watch big things fall.

Everybody keeps saying Bonds's career is over, but imagine this scenario. Let's say that he gets put on trial, beats the rap after a long two- or three- year ordeal, and then decides to make a comeback like at age 46. Can you imagine? An old, cranky, weak-kneed Bonds coming back out of retirement for one last hurrah, a sort of huge "eff you" to all those who tried to bring him down. Now that would be a story worth following.

--According to this article, the Giants have been the most aggressive team so far at pursuing Florida's Miguel Cabrera. I'm a tad torn on whether or not the Giants should try to trade for Cabrera. Obviously the Giants need an impact bat, and Cabrera is theoretically the kind of franchise-player kind of talent they should go after. However, it's going to take either Matt Cain or Tim Lincecum, at the least, to get him, and I'm not sure if I'd be willing to part with one of those two at this point. The idea of that two-headed monster at the top of the rotation for years to come is appealing.

The positives with Cabrera are pretty obvious. He's only 24 and is already one of the best hitters in the league. He'd no doubt fit in nicely as the new face of the franchise after Bonds's departure. The negatives are that he's a horrible defensive player and, if you look at the guy, he's just a blimp. If he's fat and immobile at age 24, what does that say about his conditioning habits going into his later seasons? If the Giants do get him, they'd better sign him to a long-term deal, because they'd be giving up too much for a two-year rental, but his weight issues are a little scary.

--For your TGIF video, a badass scene from a badass movie. Have a great weekend!

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I agree with you. Cabrera is TOOOOO risky - defense, attitude, weight. WE have a hella chance to have the next Drysdale/Koufax rotation. That means much more, that will go much further than 35-45 HRs and 35-45 E-5s.
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