Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Terror At 6'8''

Straight from the Files of "Oh God, No!" comes this rumor that the Giants are zeroing in on towering former Diamondback Tony Clark to fill their first base vacancy (tip of the cap to Giants Win for the link). I'm just going to whistle my was past this by assuming it's just a bogus rumor, but on the off chance that it isn't...sigh:

Tony Clark, 2007: .249/.310/.511

Not bad, and a definite improvement over whatever the Giants have had at first base since 2004. But wait, is that an extreme home/road split I see?

2007 Home: .291/.331/.684
2007 Road: .202/.288/.317

Oh, boy. Obviously we can't just completely disregard Clark's home performance, but what we do know is that Chase Field is an extreme hitter's park and that when Clark stepped into a batter's box anywhere else he hit like Neifi Perez with one hand tied behind his back.

Clark is 36 and he's had one good season since 2001. Can we move on to the next retread, please? If the Giants are going to bring a veteran in, why not go with Brad Wilkerson, who is still young enough to regain his past greatness? Plus, Wilkerson is a good defensive player who can play the outfield when needed. I've made a case for him already.

Whatever Clark would sign for, it's likely to be one year or something, so it wouldn't be a complete debacle, but what's the point? I'd rather just let Dan Ortmeier play, to see if his .497 slugging percentage can stand up for a whole season. I'm not too bullish on the Ort, but I'd wager he'd be just as good as Clark, and what reason do the Giants have to not give him a try? So they can squash another young player's career beneath a crappy veteran some more? That's worked out soooo well for them already, don'tcha know.

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