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The news that Kevin Frandsen may miss the season due to a ruptured Achilles tendon just plain sucks. In 2008, when the Giants come to bat, it's likely to be one of the most interminable things to watch since Inland Empire, but at least we could look forward to seeing if Frandsen's .300-hitting stick in the minors could survive in the Show. Now I don't even have that, and with the Giants also refusing to give guys like Dan Ortmeier and Fred Lewis everyday jobs in lieu of the usual overpaid fogies, it's going to give me all the more reason to just pop in GTA IV* this April instead of watching on the days Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain don't pitch.

It's just another sad speed bump in Frandsen's short career. After 2006, when it seemed as though Ray Durham's impending free agency might open up a starting job for him, the Giants went ahead and re-signed Durham to a two-year contract, a move that proved to be a disaster on several fronts (though I defended it at the time, so no bitching from these quarters). Frandsen spent most of April in the minors, but proved he didn't belong there by smoking the ball, as he always has.

Upon his return to the majors, Frandsen settled into a utility role, then took most of Durham's at bats after the latter's Lemaster impersonations finally wore on the Giants. Frandsen had a scorching September and seemed to have an inside track on a starting job in 2008, whether at the newly vacated third base or at second in case of a Durham trade. Unfortunately, the Giants found no takers for Durham and just inexplicably never seemed to really consider Frandsen an option at third. He was given an aborted audition at shortstop, but he wasn't going to be spending much time there anyway with Vizquel returning soon.

For whatever reason, the Giants just don't seem to want to give Frandsen a chance. He essentially got screwed over in the battle for third base. You know your organization doesn't take you seriously when they'd consider offering a good pitching prospect for one year of Joe fucking Crede over letting you play.

Now this happens. Make no mistake, this is a terrible injury, and drives another stake into whatever "youth movement" the Giants think they have going. Here's hoping for the speediest of recoveries for Frandsen, and hopefully we'll get to see him on the diamond in '08.

*That is, if there isn't another mission as maddeningly difficult as that gawdawful "Supply Lines" level in GTA San Andreas. All of my friends have heard me bitch on and on about this at one point, so now you readers get the honor.

I have never, ever gotten angrier at a freaking video game than I did when I was trying to beat this level. Whoever thought that flying a crappy little RC plane (which is impossible to control) around a city and trying to kill a bunch of nerds in vans, on a limited gas tank, would be fun should have his nose broken. It's frigging impossible, and I was on the verge of throwing my controller into the TV screen trying to beat it. And I'm a mellow guy! I distinctly remember yelling, "This isn't fucking fun!" in my room at four in the morning as my plane crashed into the street for the gazillionth time.

The worst part? The worst part? The level is optional. But did I know that? Of course not. So when I finally beat it and then found out it wasn't even mandatory to move on in the game, I wanted to scream. Needless to say, if there's another one of these ridiculous side levels in the new GTA, my sanity will not be the better for it. OK, end rant.

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Did you play it on console or the PC with keyboard and mouse? It was impossible for me to control the plane on my PC with just a keyboard and mouse, but when I installed an old gamepad, things got much easier to control. Still hard, but definitely manageable.

David Cross was the voice for the RC store guy, so that saves it a little.

The remote control helicopter missions (I think it was in Vice City) was much harder and just frustrating. Even with a gamepad, I couldn't beat it.
I played it on Xbox. I can't even imagine trying to beat that crap using a keypad and a mouse. If you did you're a better man than I am.

As sacreligious as it may sound, I never actually played through Vice City. I went through like an eight year period where I didn't play any video games, so I didn't pick it up until after I beat San Andreas, and I just couldn't get the hang of the controls.
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