Monday, September 22, 2008


Double the Stankeye

The difference between rooting a good team on in an extremely intense baseball game like yesterday's grind-a-thon and rooting on a bad team like this year's Giants is that with a bad team you have no confidence whatsoever that your guys are going to come through. I gotta be honest, I fully expected Rich Aurilia to pop out or something in the 11th inning and then me having to go to the emergency room after breaking my fist punching the wall. If we're talking the 2001 version of the Goateed One, then it's a no-brainer; he comes through. The past-his-prime Aurilia? Like I said, my fist was drawn back and rarin' to go through some brick.

Luckily, Aurilia lined a single and the Giants won. My fist shot up instead of forward and I yelled triumphantly in maybe the most exciting game the Giants have played in four years. It's fun to be able to watch games that mean something again, even if that consists of taking joy in pulling your team's mortal enemy down into the pit of baseball despair that we Giants fans have become so well-acquainted with the past few years.

Dodger-hating weekend #1 was a success. Now we wait for Round Two this coming Friday at Mays Field. I have my tickets for Sunday's game, and boy oh boy do I hope the Dodgers have the playoffs on the line for that game. Can you imagine the Giants spoiling LA's playoff hopes, then watching Manny Ramirez sulk off the field and Ned Colletti slump back defeated in his booth? I can see Colletti's mustache making it's own little frowny face as the Dodgers' season goes down the tubes. It's a joy I can only dream of.

To see more of my mini-take on the Giants and the big matchup this weekend, go here and read. That's right, I've taken on an assignment as the new Giants writer at Bugs and Cranks. That means I'll be pulling double duty, writing both here and at B&C. So if you're a regular and like reading here at the Stankeye don't hesitate to follow me on over there. It's double the dosage of Paulie and should be a lot of work but a lot of fun.

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Congrats, Paulie!

I've enjoyed Stank Eye and I'll be reading you at B&C, too.
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