Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Quick and Dirty Playoff Predictions

Cubs over Dodgers 3-0

Phillies over Brewers 3-1

Red Sox over Angels 3-0

Rays over White Sox 3-1

What, you really thought I was going to pick the Dodgers to win even a game? For shame. The playoffs are essentially a crapshoot, especially in the first round. Even the crappiest team can beat the best team three out of five times in any scenario. Still, why not throw these out with very little analysis so we can all come back in two weeks and bask in my amazing prognostication powers?

For what it's worth, I think the Red Sox, injuries and all, are still the best team in the playoffs. The Angels won 100 games but preyed on a really awful division and their offense just doesn't impress me at all. The Rays are the team I'm rooting for to win it all, and they should have no trouble with Chicago. Has any team choked it's way into the playoffs quite like the ChiSox this year? They basically handed the Twins the division and then had to scramble to reclaim it in the 163rd game of the year. I also dismissed them in 2005, though, and they went on to win it all, so I guess anything can happen.


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