Friday, March 27, 2009


Friday Pablos

As we get closer to the season, the Pablo debate rages on. Will he continue his torrid hitting? Can he play an adequate third base? Can he even impersonate an animate object out there? If not, then who? Don't even go there. What the Panda will turn into is clearly the most interesting Giants storyline going into the season.

One thing is for sure: pictures like this don't inspire too much confidence in Sandoval's mobility. I mean, look at that. When a guy comes into Spring Training sporting an extra pillow under his shirt, ours fears of a porous left side infield defense aren't exactly allayed. The minute a ball is hit in the direction of the shortstop/third base hole, forgive me if the first image that comes to mind is of Homer Simpson jogging on a treadmill. Even Brian Sabean is expressing concerns about how long Sandoval will be able to stick there. The ghosts of Brenly aren't exorcised easily.

Sandoval's bat has to be in the lineup, though, especially if the Giants have any dreams of contending, but you knew that. The question is where to put it if the defense goes sour. First base is an option, but a platoon with Travis Ishikawa isn't, because Sandoval doesn't hit lefties. Bengie Molina is entrenched at catcher and I don't see him being traded, so rule that out. You don't want to bench him. Geez, when was the last time the Giants had a hitter this good who they just didn't have a place for?

One plus is that every Giants starter is a fly ball pitcher, and the Giants project to have an excellent defensive outfield (especially if Aaron Rowand returns to form), so maybe the team can endure the potential pratfalls at third base better than most. Maybe the coaching staff realizes this and that is why they're so willing to put an unproven, unathletic catcher at the position. Or maybe we'll see Conor Gillaspie up in June. You never know.

--TGIF Vid. I saw these guys open for Modest Mouse in Oakland last month, and they're pretty good. A little on the depressing side, but if they can lay off the painkillers they should develop a nice following.

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