Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The Pads...Again

Maybe it's just me, but I sort of consider the Padres to be an ally of sorts to the Giants in the NL West, kind of a Great Britain to our America. They're fairly innocuous, they have a great ballpark in a great city, and they hate the Dodgers with almost equal passion. I've always said that if the Giants aren't going to win the West it may as well be San Diego. I have nothing against them. Nothing. Well, maybe a little against Scott Hairston.

The Pads were supposed to be the worst team in the league by an arm and a leg, but they now sit at 9-4. Perhaps they fooled us all. Maybe when the Giants were in San Diego getting their bleep handed to them, they were in actuality getting smoked by one of the NL's elite. Maybe we've been so distracted by talk of John Moore's loud divorce that we didn't see the quality of the product on the field. Maybe Kevin Towers and Paul DePodesta are sneakier than we think. Maybe David Eckstein Is Magic will lead the Padres to the promised land.

Tonight Matt Cain goes for his second win, but his chances of getting it are slim because he brings his teammates down with his gloomy gus attitude in the dugout. Seriously. Just ask Tim Keown. I know it sounds batshit stupid, but hey, I'm ready to believe. I know Keown has no real evidence to prove his point, but who needs facts? The reason why Cain is 15-30 over the past two seasons despite well above-average ERAs is because his teammates don't like him. Makes perfect sense to me.

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