Monday, July 27, 2009


Cellar Door (or, Garko Rhymes With Darko)

Quick note on the Giants' newly-acquired glorified Shea Hillenbrand impact bat, Ryan Garko. When you think major power bat, Garko's certainly isn't the first name that comes up. Last year he amassed a whopping 14 home runs, which has a distinct 2000's San Francisco Giants feel. This year he's slugging .464 and he's killing lefties, so he's definitely going to be an upgrade in the lineup. And yes, I am aware that that says way more about the Giant offense than it does anything about Garko's hitting ability. Travis Ishikawa stands to lose a bunch of playing time, which is too bad in the sense that his awesome glovework is fun to watch.

The pitcher the Giants gave up, Scott Barnes, is leading the Cal League in wins and strikes out a fair amount of batters. From what I read, he's sort of a finesse guy who outthinks opposing batters, something that may not last the higher up the chain he climbs. In a system already loaded with pitching, the Giants aren't likely to miss him.

Garko isn't a star but he provides power and a pretty solid upgrade to the lineup at the cost of a C-grade prospect. No harm, no foul. More insightful words to come tomorrow, when I'm not half asleep and drunk off of a 15-K Tim Lincecum performance.

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I simply must know your thoughts on the Sanchez trade.
Check in at lunchtime.
Er, make that around 5PT. Ran out of time at lunch.
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