Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Head In Oven Watch: Day Two

I got home from a long day at work and collapsed on the couch, asking only for the simple pleasures of Giants baseball in my face and a big bowl of Nilla Wafers on my lap. When I turned on the TV and saw the score was 8-1 Braves, the dream vanished.

The offense? Still MIA. The Big Sadowski? Just...done. John Bowker? Still in the majors, in the starting lineup, but ineffective. Rich Aurilia? Still miraculously on the team, albeit with a hilarious fake injury. I fell asleep midway through tonight's game, but it was still on the TV in the ninth inning when I woke up, so I still get points for technically sticking this one out.

The return to Mays Field can't come soon enough. If the struggles of the past two series weren't bad enough, the Giants have to play three games in that Colorado hellhole after leaving Atlanta. Nothing ever goes well there. Tim Lincecum goes tomorrow, providing hope that the Giants can at least salvage one of these games, and maybe a series split if Good Zito shows up Thursday.

For now, though, that headline seems about as likely to appear as "Sidney Ponson Pitches Well, Isn't a Fat Degenerate." Screw it, there's nothing good to say about this team right now, and if you can't say something nice...

--Barry Zito shut down his Twitter recently, which is bad news for people who actually think that any of these athletes are interesting people away from the field (they aren't...but there are exceptions). Speaking of uninteresting people with Twitter accounts...ahem.

--More on Zito. Baseball Think Factory (still threatening to destroy my social life on a daily basis) presented a study on whether Zito is actually worse than his statistics attest because of his extreme inconsistency. In other words when he's bad, he's really bad, and maybe that hurts the Giants more than just any ol' pitcher with a five ERA.

The conclusion? Probably not, but read for yourself.

--Bay City Ball had this post recently that I found very neat, examining the Giants' OPS by position over the past ten years, as compared to the league average. The Bonds-spattered blue line in the outfield graph is obviously historic, but that red line representing first baseman is just a sick joke.

--Last but not least, More Hardball has a loving post on Dave Dravecky, one of the most inspirational sports figures in history. Dravecky's victory over the Reds in his first game back from what should have been career-ending surgery was, well, amazing.

Still not listening to sports talk radio? You'd be well advised to keep it that way...
No, I've kept true to my word so far. I imagine it's chock-full of John Bowker and Kevin Frandsen for Halladay trade proposals, though?
The last time I listened in it was the always wise and reserved Damon Bruce demanding that the Giants make a trade for a bat. Apparently any bat will do. Because the Giants are in a position to make a run for the playoffs and blahblahblah... The usual there.

There also seems to be an undercurrent of 'don't trade the good prospects for anybody'. And any talk about Halladay seems to ignore the poison pill, Vernon Wells. (And except for the stupid contract Wells has, maybe a change of scenery will do him good...)

And at various times Sabean, Bochy, and hitting coach Lansford are all targets of ire. Or defense. It's getting confusing.

It kind of varies in intensity depending upon whether or not the Giants are playing well. Pre All-Star break, it was calm but still pointed in favour of getting a bat (and of course, never any mention of just who they could get). Since, it's been a kind of scorched earth policy. A butn the organisation down and salt the earth kind of thing.

But now that I think about it, checking the Giants blogs will get you the same information. Just without all the crazy.

I'm glad I'm a Mets fan and don't have to worry about all this. I already know they suck.
Yeah, sounds about right. If the Giants reel off a 10-game winning streak, then Sabean, Bochy, and co. are smarter than Branch Rickey, Harry Dalton, and Billy Beane combined, and should all be inducted into the Hall of Fame, asap.

If the Giants lose five in a row, everyone should be fired and Chuck LaMar or upstart GM Joe Morgan should be brought in to set this franchise straight. It's all too much for my fragile sanity to handle.
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