Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Sweep! or Bleep?

So just when the Giants seem poised to go in for the kill and finish off the three-game sweep of the Marlins, they roll over for a 22-year-old with an ERA of nearly five? Blargh. I'm glad I was at work and missed the whole sorry display. Oh well, the point here is to win every series, and the Giants accomplished that. Don't blame us fans for being greedy, though, and wishing for a three-game fish fry.

I guess that's all there is to say about today's game. All it takes is something like this to bring us back to the crushing reality that the Giants still have a pretty crummy offense. They've been plating more runs of late, which is great and all, but that doesn't take away from the fact that Bengie Molina is still the cleanup hitter and Aaron Rowand is the team's second-best hitter.

A deal is coming, but probably (hopefully) not one that will relinquish one of the "Big Four" prospects. If that's the case the return will probably be pretty uninspiring. I wouldn't be surprised if the wonderfully "meh" Adam Laroche finds his way into a Giants uniform soon, although I think I'd just as well take my chances with Travis Ishikawa's improving bat and magical glove.

--Ryan Sadowski gave up his first runs as a major leaguer today. His first two starts were awesome, and stories like his are great, but the pessimistic stat nerd in me is ready to whip the pen out from the pocket protector and scribble all over his sudden success. As I'm sure you know, his minor league numbers are not spectacular at all. Not in the least. He's like the Mark Gardner of AAA. Solid but decidedly averagish. That isn't the greatest indicator of future major league success.

Jonathan Sanchez has regained his starting spot with Randy Johnson on the DL, which means that Sadowski gets an extended look. Will his variety of slop and breaking balls hold up over a larger sample size? Is he better than Matt Palmer? Will the Big Unit's injury and Sanchez's general flakiness force the Giants to swing a minor deal for a veteran hurler? I don't know. What I do know is that in the past the Giants would be giving Sadowski's starts to some burned-out husk like Jamey Wright or Russ Ortiz. At least we get to have some fun learning if the rook has what it takes.

Agreed -- I'm kind of enjoying that Sadowski is kind of an unknown quantity right now. Yeah, we have his minor league numbers to go on, but we're discovering what makes him tick at a major league level, which makes me feel a lot better than rediscovering the same depths of Russ Ortiz.
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