Monday, August 24, 2009


Just Another Emotionally Devastating Giants Loss at Coors Field

Cue Godley and Creme. There have been bad losses at Coors Field. I've seen Neifi Perez mutilate the Giant' playoff chances. I've seen Matt Herges mistake a game-ending home run for a routine pop up. I've see leads blown, bullpens savaged, and Vinny Castillas turned into All-Star caliber hitters. This game, though, just might take the cake as the worst defeat at Coors ever. Whoah, that reached new heights of trauma. Years of sitting on a couch, babbling to a quack under the spell of a swinging pendulum won't be enough to get over what I just witnessed.

Where to even start? You have your best hitter bowing out early due to a strained calf muscle. You have the rest of your team swinging at every pitch for the rest of the night like they've never picked up a bat before. You have Dexter Fowler, who can't even walk, hobbling around the bases to score a pivotal run. You have the effing pitcher walking to force in another run. You have Adam Eaton*, one of the worst pitchers to grace Abner Doubleday's great sport, vulturing a win after a typically miserable performance. You had a game-ending grand slam to put the cherry on the big shit sundae. This one had it all.

Are the Giants dead? No. They get another go at the Rockies next weekend with the chance to snatch back some of the ground they gave up. They also face a crummy DBacks team for three games, as the Rocks and Dodgers beat the hell out of each other. So with a month to play and less than an hour away from sitting through the worst loss in years (dare I say since the Steve Finley game?), all I can say is that all is definitely not lost. It just bloody seems that way.

*Seriously Adam Eaton against the Giants' offense is like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.

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