Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Putting Out Fire

One thing about having a good starting rotation is that you can always count on a stellar performance from one of your guys to help you wash the bad taste out of a miserable loss. You're not stuck holding your nose hoping someone like Kevin Correia or Pat Misch can end a losing streak.

Enter Matt Cain, who came through with a typically brilliant performance, matching Dan Haren pitch for pitch and restoring hope to a fanbase with one foot hovering over the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge. Cain is seeing his old bad luck return with regards to his win-loss records, but that only matters to the BBWAA frumps who refuse to vote for any pitcher with less than 15 wins. Cain continues to deal, spitting in the eye of those who complained that his not-so-shiny peripherals would catch up to him.

Brian Wilson, who has been a total bulldog lately, finally ran out of gas in the ninth inning (at least Bruce Bochy seems determined to yank his arm from its socket), but a rejuvenated Sergio Romo came in to quash the last gasp Dback rally and prevent us from reliving the hell that was last night's game. Sanity restored, Giants fans talked off the ledge, and the previous night's loss reduced to little more than a bad dream.

Besides, you have to win any game at which Carlos Santana makes an appearance. Santana appeared with Kruk and Kuip in the broadcast booth, raising the coolness meter to a level that should be deemed illegal. Cain breezed through the half-inning with Carlos in the booth, cutting his bit painfully short.

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