Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Tim Lincecum vs. The Masters of Evil and Their Conniving, Mustachioed Toadie, Bill Hahn.

Thank heavens for Tim Lincecum and Juan Uribe. Seriously, this was shaping up as a season-killing downer of a series, but Lincecum turned in a true Cy Young-caliber performance, and my former whipping boy Uribe earned himself a place in Giants lore. Uribe now absolves himself of any wrongdoing this season, including his perfect game-ruining error behind Jonathan Sanchez. Remember all those horrible things I said about him and his hacktastic ways? Yeah, forget about them. Never happened.

I didn't see any of the game today because I was at work, and for that I'm pissed. Picture me now as I'm frantically fast-forwarding to all the good parts on the Giants On Demand replay. From all the chatter, though, it was a classic. The Giants beat not only the Dodgers, but the four stooges standing around the basepaths apparently given orders to help LA out all series. Yeah, the umps definitely seemed to be bleeding Dodger blue in these three games. A miserable blown call in the ninth may have kept Lincecum from a complete game victory, somewhat damaging his chances at a second Cy. It's hard to imagine umpiring any more idiotic than the crew overseeing the Red Sox-Tigers series this past week, but apparently this clown outfit topped them easily.

I was able to periodically check online today to see how the game was going, with the help of our old friend Yahoo Gamecast (and no, I don't get kickbacks for that plug. If only...). When I saw Andre Ethier had tied the game with two outs in the ninth, I sunk my head and started repeating to myself: "Urge to kill...rising." It was shaping up to be a horrid homestand, with three losses that represent a flaming hot sword to the sternum. Luckily, Uribe went blammo and the Giants salvaged this one, saving me from plunging off the freeway on my way home and restoring hope in the Giants faithful.

There aren't many things more deplorable than the Dodgers. Hitler. Osama bin Laden. Glenn Beck. That's about it. Just as deplorable is losing to them, especially in a key series that precedes what promises to be a brutal road swing. Even worse is that the series loss follows another series loss to a completely hopeless Reds team that has Willy Taveras hitting lead-off for them, for God's sake.

So you can see the enormity of this game and the one swing of Uribe's bat. Uribe= Brian Johnson or Joe Morgan? No, but it might be closer than you think. Today's game will probably go down as one that won't be easily forgotten, and eventually not by me as I stay up in the wee hours of the night catching the re-broadcast.

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