Thursday, November 05, 2009


Tim Lincecum as Jeff Spicoli

Tim Lincecum today was busted for being in possession of marijuana after being pulled over for speeding in his home state of Washington. Lincecum, a long-haired, laid-back guy from the Pacific Northwest, a pot smoker? I'm shocked...shocked, I tell you!

All I can say is, what a dumbass. Going 75 in a 60 zone down those desolate Washington highways, where bored cops are just aching to nab somebody, with a bag of weed in tow and a car reeking of freshly smoked wacky tobaccy, is just begging to get nailed. Now we Giants fans have to endure Tim Lincecum pothead chants, much like we did with Barry Bonds and steroids. Thanks a lot, Timmy.

This is pretty much a non-story, outside of pure facepalm value in realizing that Lincecum could have such bad judgement. Marijuana offenses don't merit suspensions in baseball, just fines, so Lincecum won't be missing any starts. So take heart, fellow fans. Our star pitcher may have been high as shit, driving fast as hell, and possibly endangering lives, but hey, he's not going to miss a turn.

Was he driving under the influence when he was pulled over? Or did he just have the pot in his car?
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