Tuesday, August 03, 2010



Wait. Was that an easy win at Coors Field? Take it away, Vizzini. I didn't think these types of games existed. I've been trained to assume the worst in any Giants game played in Colorado. In tonight's game, even when the Giants plated four runs in the first inning, I figured the Rockies would drop a six-spot in the bottom of the frame to start the usual horror. When Aaron Cook got knocked out of the box, I just expected Taylor Buchholz to shut the offense down the rest of the way so the Rocks could mount a comeback. It's just the way it goes.

No such drama tonight. The Giants rapped out 19 hits, and by the time Andres Torres blasted his 11th home run to give the Giants a 10-0 lead, it just seemed cruel. It's not often these days you get to take sadistic pleasure in a vicious Giants beatdown of another team, especially not with this recent, low-offense incarnation, so games like tonight's are just fun. Enjoy it while it lasts, because another day brings another game in Coors Field and the potential for whole new parade of nightmares.

Hero of the day: They're everywhere, but I'm going to go with Freddy Sanchez for blasting his second home run of the season. Sanchez's work at the plate since the All-Star Break has been a clinic on how to not hit at the major league level, so if a little high altitude hitting can get his bat going, then we won't have to wonder why our number two hitter is OBPing .320.

Runner-up is Jonathan Sanchez for his brilliant work on the mound, at one point striking out seven straight Rockies to tie the San Francisco record. And to think some fans wanted to trade this guy for Corey Hart. For shame.

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