Monday, August 30, 2010


Wait...We Won That Game, Right?


Tonight's loss is the kind that promotes heavy drinking, and not just the kind that involves a tear-stained six pack to get you through the night. I'm talking about a week-long bender that ends in a ravaged motel room with scorched bed sheets and a thin layer of strange green liquid congealing over the floor. It feels as though there has been an inordinate number of games like this in 2010. Something about Giants baseball being torture?

I was all ready with a fawning post over Jonathan Sanchez's awesome game and my incredible love-hate relationship with him, but the delete key took over the second Cody Ross fumbled Carlos Gonzalez's long drive to right-center field. Just a disgusting loss, and now suddenly the Giants have to worry about not only the Padres, Phillies, Braves, and Cardinals in the pennant chase, but also the effing Rockies as well. Excuse me while I go bludgeon my TV with a lava lamp.

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record on this crap, but what on Earth is Nate Schierholtz doing rotting on the bench in the ninth inning there? Now, I can't say for sure if Schierholtz wouldn't have mistaken a broken bat for a baseball on that play, but I'm certain he sure as hell would have looked a lot better out there than Ross, who took about three steps in and then watched Gonzalez's liner sail over his head. Ross has a (possibly dubious) reputation as a good fielder, but anyone who can read defensive statistics knows Nate is the real thing. Why even have him around if he's not going to come in for situations exactly like that in the ninth inning tonight?

Perhaps I'm overreacting, but man, what a way to kill what was turning into a satisfying night. Bah!

"It's a good defense, for sure, but I beg to disagree, mostly because there's little evidence that Ross is all that good of a center fielder."

This is the most depressing loss since way back on Aug 25th 2010.
You get bonus points for quoting me and making me look smart.
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