Saturday, October 22, 2011


Game Three Thoughts

I'm not sure there's anything more surreal than spending a Saturday morning watching replays of old NBA playoff games while The Cure plays in the background, but it seems like the appropriate atmosphere for a guy about to discuss the prospect of Kyle Lohse starting a World Series game.

The last time Lohse faced American League hitters on a regular basis, it was 2006, and he was quickly being run out of Minnesota as his ERA climbed into the upper atmosphere. A trade to the National League and a few years under the wing of Dave Duncan have led to a minor career resurgence, but, really, is this a guy you want starting a pivotal World Series game, in a hitter-friendly ballpark, against a lineup full of mashers? What if this series goes the full distance to a Game Seven? Does Lohse get the ball then? As a Giants fan who has sight of Livan Hernandez in 2002 burned into his retinas, I'm horrified for Cards fans.

This World Series bears absolutely zero rooting interest for me, besides maybe for drunken gambling purposes. The first two games have been entertaining, close, and well-played, so I'm essentially rooting for good baseball. If nothing else, all I ask is for the two World Series representatives to represent the sport well by not playing embarrassing, sloppy ball. After the ugly NLCS and the sight of the Brewers kicking the ball all over the baseball diamond, I'm in desperate need of some on-field competence. Luckily, Games One and Two have provided just that.

Reasons for rooting for the Rangers? They're a generally likable group of players, and the franchise has never won a title. Plus, Mike Napoli. Reasons for rooting against? Having to look at George W. Bush's ever-present mug in the stands during each game in Texas, and the strangely perverse desire to see the Rangers turn into baseball's answer to the Buffalo Bills.

Reasons for rooting for the Cards? I'm generally a National League guy, and they're the underdog. Reason for rooting against? They're basically a mediocre team that snuck into the playoffs because the Braves crapped their season away and they can thank the general randomness of the postseason for even being in this position. Also, their reputation as a bunch of whiners is fully justified.

If nothing else, I can make a completely uneducated prediction, and then root for me looking smart in a week. Rangers in Six.

Very often the wild card team, or the team that just sneaks in, wins it all.
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