Monday, July 30, 2007


The Deadline Approaches

With the trade deadline looming, it's all quiet on the Giants' front. This monster rebuild we all want looks like it may not come to fruition. If the team fails to make any major moves it will be hugely disappointing, if not terribly surprising. Another problem with Sabean's multi-year contract veteran binge this winter is that, when the realization hits that you should be a seller at the deadline, those contracts act as a huge detriment to getting a deal done.

Dave Roberts is a fine little player, and might garner some interest in a Red Sox 2004-ish way, but who wants to pay him $12 million over the next two years, and also give up prospects for the right to do so? Randy Winn is also a handy player for a contender, but his contract is poison. The same can be said for Rich Aurilia, Bengie Molina, and even Ray Durham. And Matt Morris? Don't get me started. He's been on Operation Destroy Trade Value for over a month, and given a chance to salvage some hope for a decent return in yesterday's ballgame, he went and shat himself real good, coughing up a 5-2 lead to the Marlins.

This is again why the Giants' future looks so dismal. The team is stuck with these veterans for up to two more years. These guys aren't very good, obviously, they aren't helping this team win, and no one else wants them. Therefore, if the Giants can't get some decent prospects through trade, and they have nothing promising in their farm system, where is the offense going to some from? Through more free agent signings? Brian Sabean, meet Eric Byrnes. "Hey, Eric, you're big in the Bay Area and we'd love to see your dog run amok in McCovey Cove on a regular basis. Just sign here on the dotted line for three years and $30 million." Kill me now.

Here are some players that I think still have some value in trade as we get closer to the deadline:

-Pedro Feliz. He's still horrible, but he's on one of his bi-annual hot streaks at the perfect time, so maybe a team desperate for a third baseman would be willing to throw some interesting players our way. Feliz is only on the hook for this season too, so a team wouldn't have to worry about being stuck with an albatross contract.

Looking around, it seems the Phillies are the only contender in real need of a third baseman. What's the best way to gauge when one of your regular position players should have his butt DFA'd? When Feliz would serve as a major upgrade on him. I'm looking at you, Abraham Nunez. Unfortunately, the Phils might just try to tread water with Wes Helms until Chase Utley gets back, then go with Tadahito Iguchi at third. Or go and get another, better third baseman from another team. You know, whatever.

-Ryan Klesko. The Yankees have a huge hole at first base, and ol' helicopter swing might be something they'd have interest in. After all, I doubt the Yanks are holding their breath waiting for the heroic return of Doug Mientkiewicz. Klesko is on a cheap deal and he can still hit, so he might be tradeable for a little curio prospect. I'd be kind of sad to see Klesko go, because he's a fun player, but since he's not going to bring back any draft picks, and for the purposes of getting younger, if a trade can be made, do it.

-Steve Kline. Uh, maybe we can get Shairon Martis for him. Left-handed relievers, especially those with lots of service time, are horribly overvalued in baseball today. Perhaps Sabean can get crafty and flip Kline to a contender with bullpen problems. Maybe pull a fast one and turn it into a Ricardo Rincon-for-Brian Giles-type dealie. Or not. Anyway, "get crafty" sounds like the title of some bad spoken word album sold at Starbucks. "Brian Sabean: Let's Get Crafty."


I share your disappointment in the lack of trade activity. I would have liked to have seen 3-5 players moved - moved for something reasonable, not given away.
But I think it is a gross oversimplification to assume we know why.
I also think it is a gross oversimplification to say "move this guy to a contender..." I have not looked at every player, every contending team, but just cuz it may be desireable doesn't mean it's feasible/possible. For example, I looked at most of the copntender to try to find a match for Morris. Zero.
Say what you want about Roberts, but he is worth what he's getting paid and he is a starting MLB OF. You don't trade a guy like that to be a pinch base runner.
Klesko to the Yankees? Not only do the Yankees have several candidates for 1b, they're second in the world in scoring runs. Their need is pitching. And not really SP. They have 4 decent SPs, or, at least 4 that are not going to be replaced by Morris. I am not sure what they're doing for their 5th starter, as Igawa was just sent down, but I wouldn't think they would pick up Morris to be a 5th SP.
Similarly, I just don't see any contenders needing Durham, Omar, Feliz. You mention Philly, but they are in the same situation as the Yankees, 3d in scoring, 25th in ERA. But even there, they have 4 good to decent SPs - unless they are going to DFA A. Eaton. Now, they are a team that could use Kline. In fact, I think Kline may be our only tradeable player
Umm, I was completely uninformed about Philly. I was under the impression they were about to get Garcia back from the 15 day DL. Instead, they moved him to the 60 day DL. So, they've lost both Garcia and Lieber, meaning they could use a #4 or 5 SP.
Well you were absolutely right, no contender wanted Morris. Thankfully, the Pirates did though.

As for Roberts, he was acquired by the Red Sox in 2004 with the precise intention of being a late-game pinch runner, as we all remember from Game 4 of the ALCS that year. Not sure if there is any team looking for that kind of thing this season, but I would be willing to bet Roberts isn't a Giant come September, even if the return is middling.
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